180 Years of Excellence
in Integrated Logistics

From the Sea of Genoa to Global Innovation: The Ideal Partner for Your Growth





We follow and protect our customers’ business since 1840

Our history originates from deep roots in the sea of Genoa, a link that stretches back to 1840. The experience accumulated during this long journey has shaped us into an integrated logistics company with a multinational vocation. This legacy guides us in managing logistics processes globally.

We are the ideal travel companion for dynamic companies seeking to accelerate their path of change and innovation. Our management culture espouses constant innovation and a proactive approach. Through tailored solutions and a long-term commitment, we turn logistics challenges into growth opportunities, helping companies reach new heights.



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has decided to adopt this code of ethics because it believes
that compliance with ethical rules and transparency in the conduct of its
activities constitutes a competitive advantage and a necessary condition for pursuing its objectives.


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According to the provisions of its articles of association, Paolo Scerni S.r.l.'s object is to carry out the following activities on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties:

Whistleblowing Policy

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promotes a corporate culture of transparency and has defined a Whistleblowing Policy that provides for a dedicated channel for reports that guarantees confidentiality and protection of the reporter.
Whistleblowing can concern any information concerning possible violations of the law, internal procedures and rules, and non-compliance with the 231 Model and the Code of Ethics. All employees and collaborators can report.


We want to continue to innovate by creating simple solutions to our customers' complex logistics problems, safeguarding the environment and promoting work ethics.


We work every day to make our customers' lives easy with innovative, tailor-made solutions in the name of sustainability. A focus on low-impact solutions and work ethics have always been part of our DNA. And that is why we strive daily to offer high levels of professionalism and empathy, aimed at maximizing customer interaction and the exchange of accurate and timely information. Constant collaboration with leading companies has enabled us to refine innovative working methodologies and create new efficiency. Flexibility, listening and innovation distinguish the way we operate, and thanks to the principles, rooted in our long history, we want to create value by reducing the organizational burden on clients.

Optimization of
More value to your logistics processes

We attach fundamental value to your logistics processes. With unmatched dedication, we are committed to managing our customers’ logistics, always creating customised solutions to meet their specific needs. Our dedicated team is constantly ready to listen to you and respond to your every request, guaranteeing a first-class service.

Moreover, thanks to our advanced integrated systems, we are able to manage even the most complex logistical processes with extreme precision, monitoring trends in real time and providing detailed and timely information to optimise your supply chain.


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Shipments managed
at all stages

The Scerni Group is your reliable partner for complete shipment management. We offer a precise and punctual door-to-door service thanks to our strategic presence in all major Italian ports and airports. This capillarity combined with our wide range of services allows us to efficiently handle a wide variety of shipments, regardless of size or complexity.

With no less than 180 years of experience in the industry, we continue to be a benchmark in the maritime agency sector. In particular, we proudly represent the COSIARMA and GS LINES companies, and boast the title of exclusive forwarder in Italy for the World Food Programme. Our competence and commitment in managing shipments guarantee efficiency, safety and trust for your transport needs.

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years of expertise in break bulk