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Throughout our long history, we have always taken care of the logistics needs of our customers, turning their complexity into the added value of simplicity. 2003 was an historic year for our business development as we opened the first Scerni distribution centre in Piacenza, specifically designed for audio and video products. In the following years, other warehouses dedicated to different products have been opened in various areas of Italy. Our distribution centres manage the following products:

Large and small appliances

Audio and video products

Home accessories and furniture

Air conditioning systems

Heat engineering systems

Mineral water Stationery products


For Scerni, people are always the focus: We handle our customers’ logistics through tailor-made solutions created by our devoted team, which is constantly available for any needs.
Our integrated systems allow us to manage complex processes and precisely track their evolution, also providing real-time information. Our scalable outsourcing solutions help our customers to focus exclusively on their business activities. The internal control tower can achieve the highest levels of outsourcing, in which the integration with the customer’s operations are led by solid processes and by strong connections among systems.

The leading international companies that chosed to be our partners are:







SJL Printmedia

Reverse Logisitics

New solutions to effectively handle reverse flows. We know that a good product returns management is essential for every company, so we pay close attention to satisfy your customers and optimise the resources at your disposal. The exponential growth of these flows entails a dedicated focus, through which we can create tailor-made solutions according to your needs and implement them through our network.

Inventory control

Thanks to solid inventory control procedures and modern IT solutions, we guarantee the maximum accuracy as far as stock management is concerned. Our Warehouse Management System can be integrated with your systems to always provide the appropriate indicators related to strategic and operational decision-making. Physical control operations are permanent and can also be easily executed upon specific request.


We provide logistics manufacturing and preparation processes, which are prior to the distribution. Our team can design, develop and manage the auxiliary operations, in order to maximise the value of your products.


Our reliable management processes allow us to prevent mistakes and damages, therefore increasing the value of your goods. Moreover, we can carry out inspection and control procedures regarding the product integrity along the logistic chain.


The management of globalised flows and stocks is a tool that our customers can use to achieve market leadership Our team of experts follows your business, helping with the management and the optimisation of your logistics processes. The outsourced management of your warehouse is simple and efficient and the interaction with our distribution network guarantees the highest level of responsiveness. We share with you all the important information, creating significant KPIs that ensure an accurate monitoring of the operations.