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As Shipping Agent Scerni Group offers a wide range of services thanks to the representation of companies such as Cosiarma, specialised in services to Central America and GS Line, a Portuguese shipping company, specialised in traffics to Cape Verde .

Our agency always proposes the most suitable solutions for every transport requirement, both for import and export shipments, dangerous goods, out-of gauge, Reefer, Break Bulk cargo and overland transportation.

A staff with many years of experience is able to provide the necessary support for the shipment of goods through a global coverage network.

Our longlasting experience allows Scerni Group to benefit from a refined and consolidated professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the market.


We assist the shipowners we represent during their ships’ calls at Italian ports ,
issuing transport documentation for the goods; we take care of logistical services such as warehouses and customs warehouses or temporary storage
, through to the coordination of transport, whether by rail, air, sea or road.

Our commercial team provides the necessary support to customers with import/export quotations to and from all over the world and to all ports in Italy scaled by the companies we represent.

Our structure is able in a very short time to organise and finalise all bookings received, checking with the shipowner the availability of space on board the ships.

Entrusting your shipments to our agency is easy, convenient and safe.


With five reefer ships, we ensure the best transit times in the market for routes to Central America: 13 days from Italy to Colombia, 12 days from Italy to the Dominican Republic and 17 days to Costa Rica.

Ports of embarkation

Italy: Vado Ligure

Spain: Tarragona

Portugal: Setúbal

For the following destinations

Costa Rica: Moin

Dominican Republic: Rio Haina

Colombia: Santa Marta


Portuguese shipping company, which with weekly departures offers sea transportation services to Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, the Azores Islands, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Weekly departures with transhipment service via Leixoes.

Ports of embarkation


La Spezia


For the following destinations






Azores Islands


Las Palmas